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A Message From Our Chairperson

The dream is Independence, Supported Employment is the means. That statement made over 25 years ago still holds true today. As the Chairperson of Avalon Employment Inc. I am very proud of the work that we have been able to accomplish over the last 18 years.

It demonstrates the best of our community, inclusion and economic development, full participation by all our citizens with everyone having the opportunity to work in their community. In the last number of years the services of Avalon Employment Inc. has grown to keep up with the economic development in the Northeast Avalon. We have many more employer partners and continue to work with community and government to find innovative employment solutions for business and individuals.

I encourage you to visit our website, and find out more information about Supported Employment. Our professional team at Avalon Employment has proven that employment is an option for everyone.

Glenn Barnes B.E.D.S, B. ARCH., MRAIC, MNLAA.

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