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Housing and Supports

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Home Modification Program


Avalon Regional Office Phone Number: (709) 724-3196

Through the Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC), the Home Modification Program is designed to provide funding to assist homeowners with low-to-moderate income (an annual income of $46,500 or less) who require accessibility changes to their residences, to enable individuals to remain in their own homes for a longer period. Accessibility modifications may include items such as:

  • Installation of a ramp;

  • Widened doorways/halls to increase space for wheelchair;

  • Roll/walk-in showers, bathtub grab bars;

  • And seats.          

Rental Housing Program


Avalon Regional Office Phone Number: (709) 724-3197

Through the Rental Housing Program we help households with low income that cannot obtain suitable and affordable rental housing on the private market.


You may be able to access low-income rental housing if:


  • your total household income falls within certain income levels;

  • your present housing is adequate but you pay more than 30 per cent of your total household income towards rent and heat;

  • your present housing is unsuitable, you pay less than 30 per cent of your total household income – for rent; however, suitable housing in your area would cost 30 per cent or more of your total household income.      

City of St. John's Non-Profit Housing

The City's Housing Division has well maintained units available to rent for those on a tight budget.

The City manages 476 residential rental units. These houses and apartments vary in size from one to four-bedroom units. They are available for rent to low-income earners based on their family net income. Net income is defined as gross income minus mandatory income tax deduction, EI and CPP deductions


Choices for Youth Housing            


MAIN OFFICE: 261 Duckworth Street, St. John's, NL A1C 1G9

End Homelessness St. John's            

 (709) 702-3700                               

16 Forest Road, St. John’s, NL A1C 2B9

First Light         

709 754 2532                                   

42 Bannerman StreetSt. John’s, NL A1C 3M6 A1C 3M6

Stella's Circle  


"Brian Martin Housing Resource Centre

84 Prescott Street

St. John’s, NL

Stella’s Circle offers housing programs that help people find homes so that they can get on with the job of living. We have Housing Support Workers, Case Managers, and Tenant Relations Specialists available.


Safe, secure and stable housing is essential to well being. Stella’s Circle helps address the need for affordable housing for people who face barriers by offering 79 housing units throughout the City of St. John’s. We also work with landlords to support people find and stay in safe, appropriate housing.

Shared Living Arrangements                

Eastern Regional Health Authority St. John’s: (709) 777-6300

In some instances individuals with disabilities who require high level of home support may choose to share the cost of a living arrangement and home support staff. Funding may be provided from several sources such as the Department of Human Resources, Labour and Employment (HRLE)and the Regional Health Authorities (RHA). As in an individual living arrangement all benefits of income support including rent and heat and light supplements, and any other benefits available, are obtained from HRLE and supplemented as per policy by RHAs.


For more information on accessing this service contact your regional health authority

Individualized Living Arrangements              

Eastern Regional Health Authority St. John’s: (709) 777-6300

An individualized living arrangement (ILA)is established when no other service option is available or appropriate for an adult with an intellectual disability, meeting home support criteria and unable to reside with their natural family. While this program usually supports one client per home, there may be situations approved where the living arrangements are shared by individuals who wish to reside together. The funding for basic income support is provided by the Department of Human Resources Labor and Employment with additional funding for home support and other related costs provided by the RHAs. Once established, the ILAs are managed by the individual, family, or operations committee.

Board and Lodging Supplement              

Eastern Regional Health Authority St. John’s: (709) 777-6300

A Board and Lodging Supplement is a funding supplement that is available, based on assessed need, to an adult with psychiatric, physical and/or intellectual disabilities, 18 years of age and older, who reside with relatives or non-relatives. These adults have identified needs and require a higher board and lodging rate to live in these arrangements than is usually allowed. The basic rate of board and lodging is available through HRLE and the supplement is available through the RHAs.

Alternative Family Care Home Program              


Eastern Regional Health Authority St. John’s: (709) 777-6300

This program offers private homes which have been approved by the Regional Health Authority for the purpose of providing room and board, supervision and personal and social support for up to two unrelated adults with intellectual disabilities in a family atmosphere. Supports and services are available as necessary. Monitoring and supervision is provided by the social worker assigned by the Regional Health Authority.

Cooperative Apartment Program              

Eastern Regional Health Authority St. John’s: (709) 777-6300

This program offers a private residential setting operated by an incorporated community board of directors and staffed by a live-in supervisor and relief staff. The private residences are usually rented houses and are shared by up to three adults with intellectual disabilities. The main emphasis is on skill teaching and support to enable more independent living rather than providing a permanent residence.         

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