How We Operate

Our supported employment program is composed of five (5) stages. Each of these stages are outlined below:


To start the process, we need to receive a referral form on behalf of the interested job seeker. This form can be filled out by anyone (i.e., a job seeker, family member, or advocate). Please ensure that when filling out the referral form, all fields are completed and appropriate documentation is attached.


Once completed, the referral can be dropped off to our office, emailed to, faxed, or mailed. One of our staff will contact you to to confirm that we have received the referral and to schedule an intake appointment.



The Initial Intake process takes approximately one (1) hour. This is a casual meeting in which general information is gathered; questions are asked and answered, and any required documentation or information is collected for us to provide to ensure that you meet the requirements for our program.


During this stage, resume preparation takes place with the assigned Career Development Coordinator.



After we confirmed that a job seeker is eligible for our services, we will then schedule a pre-employment intake meeting. This process is roughly one (1) hour in length and is completed by one of our Career Development Coordinators. During the meeting, employment options and ideas are discussed in great detail so that our Career Development Coordinators have a firm grasp on the job seekers' preferences, and can identify appropriate employment matches.


It is important to note that there is no wait list and that we do not operate on a first come, first serve basis. 



During the job development process, our Career Development Coordinators take all of the information gathered from the previous stage and are assigned the task of making an appropriate employment "match" for the job seeker; this phase is very specific to the job seeker's needs and desires. Employers are approached and presented with information regarding our program and connections are made.


When an appropriate employment match is secured, interviews will be arranged between the employer and the job seeker to discuss the potential employment opportunity. If required, Job Coaches can be hired to temporarily work alongside the individual to ensure all company policies and procedures are met, and to ensure a smooth transition into the workforce. Avalon Employment Inc. is responsible for securing the Job Coach to ensure compatibility with the individual. 



As long as an individual is working and employed, our staff will stay connected with the client to ensure that all placements are running smoothly for maximum success. This is achieved by regular visits from our Client Services team. In addition, Avalon Employment Inc. offers 24/7/365 on-call support to individuals employed through our services, to their employers, and to their Job Coaches.