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Programs and Services

There are currently three types of services you can avail of at our organization. Click the links below to learn more about a specific program/service.

  • Supported Employment provides persons with developmental disabilities equal opportunity to find meaningful and rewarding employment. There is a five (5)-stage process that covers the full extent of what is included in our supported employment program; however, it is important to be aware that our supported employment services require completion of our Referral Form to confirm that the individual is eligible for this service.

  • Autism Program aims to assist persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder obtain and maintain meaningful, long term employment. This program is offered exclusively to those on the Autism Spectrum and individuals who participate are required to complete a Referral Form to confirm their eligibility.

  • MentorAbility is a national supported employment initiative that offers a unique mentoring experience to any Canadian that has a disability and is looking for work. Unlike the other two (2) types of services offered at Avalon Employment, MentorAbility is not exclusive to type of disability (meaning, anyone with a developmental and/or physical disability can participate in the program). For more information on MentorAbility, visit our website or connect with our Regional Coordinator.

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